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The San Franciscan Magazine article by Nikki Collister

"These are some of the nicest guys I've met in SF, and they really know their carpentry.  They're incredibly skilled.  I called a ton of places in the city and drove all around one day trying to find someone that could handle my project, but I couldn't find anyone.Then I stumbled upon Ocean Sash & Door Company.  Mike greeted me so kindly and was so willing to help.  He could not have been nicer to me.  He did a perfect job on my project.  And then I met Roy who was so friendly and helpful as well.
Ocean Sash & Door is a company with great people who are kind, generous, honest and do fantastic work!"

Paula M. SF - YELP 

"I had 5 window sashes remade here a few years back.  2 double hung windows and half of another double hung window.   I installed the windows myself with the help of a friend. The previous windows were nearly 100 years old and were rather drafty.  The new windows fit perfectly and my room is now much warmer in the winters.  I purchased single pane windows which are more than adequate in San Francisco if they are sealed properly.   It has been a few years and the windows are still in perfect condition."

Kat S. SF - YELP

"If I had to get more windows, I would go back to Ocean Sash & Door.  The only thing I would have liked them to do differently is tell me, the end-consumer, that I'd have to have both a painter and installer.  I think they are used to dealing with contractors who already know this. Overall, Mike and the other people at Ocean Sash & Door were real and knowledgeable.  It was a pleasure to deal with them... unlike the fast-talking and vapid reps from the big firms."

Galen W. SF - YELP

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