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  • Cafe Mystique on Castro near 18th St. with folding windows and a matching door.
  • Diane Finesteins home on Presidio Terrace with new bow windows.
  • The Oakland Museum Cafeteria; view of the huge windows at the museum, 20' x 10' white oak windows
  • The Oakland Museum Cafeteria; three complete units (one with flanking doors).
  • the Fireside Inn , Sausalito (originally a stage coach stop) we did all the historic doors and windows.
  • San Francisco Boy's and Girls Club with all new historic arched windows.
  • San Francisco Boy's and Girls Club with all new historic arched windows.
  • San Francisco Boy's and Girls Club with all new historic arched windows.
  • Exterior pocket doors for a bed and breakfast in Sonoma.
  • Cafe Mystique with the windows folded open
  • Cafe Fat Angel on O'Farrell and Filmore with folding windows and fixed obscure glass panels below. Door system to match.
  • Bruno's Pizzeria with the windows open
  • Another view of Gussie's Sliding Window system
  • Gussie's Chicken and Waffles on Eddy at Filmore St. (sliding cafe windows).
  • Park 9 Cafe on 9th Ave and Lincoln St with folding sidewalk cafe windows
  • Bruno's Pizzeria on Filmore near Eddy with sliding sidewalk cafe type windows
  • Where the magic happens!

Revitalize your home’s appearance with a set of custom built replacement windows and frames from Ocean Sash and Door Inc.  Conveniently located in San Francisco, Ocean Sash & Door Inc. is the Bay Area’s most experienced manufacturer of custom built windows and doors.

We have a reputation you can count on and have been in continuous operation since 1880. Ocean Sash and Door Inc. fabricates custom Replacement Windows and doors from Wood, Aluminum or Vinyl. Many older and often historic homes in the San Francisco Bay Area are in dire need of new windows. Give your home the treatment it deserves with Ocean Sash & Door Inc.

Custom Built Windows and Doors

There is almost nothing that can match a set of new windows and doors. Our team of professional master crafters has expertise in matching almost any style; or should you desire, creating something new entirely. Because every home is different, especially older and historic homes, each and every set of replacement windows we create are custom built from start to finish.

Let our master craftsmen go to work for your home with Ocean Sash & Door Inc.


AAA member with BBB
Member S.F. West Rotary Club
S.F. Food Bank Volunteers
PALS Supporter
Certificate of Honor 2006 by The City and County of San Francisco
Certificate of Recognition 2006 by California Legislature Assembly

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